1956 The School of Architecture at the NSW University of Technology was starting a new degree course in various faculties and needed a small portable exhibit to explain their potential

In the mid 1950s I designed a small portable exhibition to attract students to the new degree and diploma courses and I designed this double sided panel to illustrate the various elements of architecture.

The Architecture segment explained how the degree students received a wider education beyond architecture into the realms of applied science and the humanities.

Its portability enabled easy transportation to talks and other educational meetings related to careers and we consequently got a good enrolment into the new course.

The new degree course allowed me to introduce a new subject of Architectural Building Science (the first in Australia) in which I had a good grounding in my Manchester course under Christopher Jones.

The scientific side of architecture gradually came into its own from 1956 on to balance the aesthetic side of architecture which seemed to have achieved dominance in the public mindset. Sydney University started a Building Science course a year or so later and it is now a firm component in all schools of architecture around Australia.