The three free-standing screens serve to create a small reading area where readers can dip into any of the new books on display in a comfortable, secluded enclave off the main circulation area of the R.G.Menzies Library at ANU. The reverse side of the screens served as notice boards for passers by. The timber was Queensland walnut and each screen was rigidly fixed to its central steel cruciform base which was intended to be brass plated but was in fact gold plated on the assurance by the plater that it could be done at the same price, thus avoiding tarnishing. The bases were cast into the concrete slab.

They could have been made by Kees Westra or by Alfons Stuetz of Canberra Furniture Manufacturing co., Fyshwick. (Records not available any more). They were removed a few years ago – a pity because I was very fond of the arrangement – it worked well.

Nobody knows where they went to – complete mystery.