For casual outdoor eating and conversation a suitable table is needed which can withstand the elements and has adjustable feet to accept the often uneven ground. I designed this solid western red cedar top on a steel base to the mathematical ‘quartic‘ shape which is half way between a circle and a square. It works well as a table to suit

Mac West, a graduate of the ANU Furniture Workshop made the top for us and I made the steel base which is about as simple as I could get. The top has been oiled and has developed a natural grey patina which is quite attractive.


The stainless steel stabile sculpture is by Paul Mount of St Ives, Cornwall. Maxine and I bought it from him around 1995 and Mac again made the box support for it to my design.

Mac also made the box of drawers that Maxine uses in the bedroom and Mac designed and made the hall wall mirror using laminated wood veneers – a wonderfully sculptural unit with a circular mirror that we both cherish as a great work of art.