1950 Clock dial Made at DeeWhy for home use

My lifelong search for simplicity and purity was expressed in all my design expressions – the first plate I ever ‘threw’ on the wheel at East Sydney Tech. and the clock face which I repainted – almost all clock faces had figures on in those days – ever since I have always had wrist watches with no chapter markings whatsoever and telling the time has never been the slightest problem – we never know how accurate a watch or clock is anyway !

I have always asked ‘ why’ – and more importantly ‘why not…..’

The clock dial and a few other trial designs gained me entry to the fledgling Society of Designers for Industry which Fred Ward and Ron Rosenfeldt had started in Melbourne and which I was subsequently to start in Sydney around the mid 1950s and which led to my joining Fred at ANU in 1957. ‘Why not…’ often results in stimulating answers.