1988 Prototype directional “SQUEEBAGTEASER” Prototype only

This design arose during a visit by Jakob (our grandson from Copenhagen). Jakob was very keen to make something in my workshop and as it was Maxine’s birthday coming up we decided to make a teabag squeezer out of some scrap stainless steel sheet I had.

I include it here as an example of reductio ad absurdum (?) but as a learning exercise for Jakob it had to be simple, easily made in the time he had available with us, with available material and would not require any welding or soldering – so the project ticked most of the criteria for the occasion and Jakob had fun making it

Jakob has a very alert mind and soon had a name for it with a little bit of help from Maxine – Squeebagteaser.

It was easy for him to make (with no previous knowledge of metalworking) so he made a few as presents for his return to C. and he punched the recipient’s initial on it – which is just about visible in the photos.

It is in use every day.
1988-squeebagteezer-1 sbt-2