Overall sizes were 115mm x 105mm x 48mm


John Stevens was the Landscape Designer within our ANU Design Unit for a few years and made many significant design statements around the campus – notably the cleaning up of the Sullivan’s Creek from Barry Drive to Lake Burley Griffin.

John left ANU shortly before I did in 1977 (I think he read the writing on the wall before I did and got out).

I felt he needed some recognition for his services. A few years before I had initiated the glass block design for the J.G. Crawford Prize and I used the same technique for John’s farewell present. The concept consisted of 4 pieces of 12mm glass cemented together with photographic images between each piece at 3 different levels through the block.

The edges and arrises were polished and the films were printed as appropriate. They were made in the Research Chemistry glassblowing workshop.

The effect was wonderful with its sequentially weaker images behind creating a lovely effect in three dimensions.