2014 POSTURE RESTRAINT – to make sitting upright easy

Working at the computer seems to have affected my legs in some way and I have been advised to keep an upright spine (remember mother’s advice “sit up straight “? – she must have instinctively known a thing or two).

Contour seats, saddle seats and lumbar backrests do not seem to have any effect so I invented and made a working prototype of a pelvic restraint from car seat webbing, forming a loop with an adjustable Fastex buckle) to adjust the posture by rotating the pelvic bone.

A piece of soft foam makes it more comfortable around the back and the tension can be adjusted in use by varying the knee separation or the buckle. It works well providing the webbing around the back is kept high enough to rotate the pelvic structure to an upright position and after some use I have found that even without the restraint the body seems to keep an upright position unaided – a trained response ?.

It is simple, cheap to make and effective.

Maybe this item should go in the Disability group ?



The buckle was finally added by a leather worker at Tilba Tilba, near Bermagui, NSW. $5. 2015