1968 “WHAT IS GOOD DESIGN ?” A filmstrip for schools explaining the fundamentals of good design

The 1975 Art Science and Technology exhibition1 I designed for Melville Hall showed in one exhibit many beautiful electron micrograph photographs of the natural relationships already waiting to be discovered which echoed my thinking in a filmstrip for secondary school use on What is Good Design.

The nautilus shell (below, left) is one example where incremental growth produces a wonderful pattern when revealed by an X ray and (right) how a near simulation on the computer can analyse the increments….


I analysed the essential developmental pattern of ‘growth’ which I felt should underlie all human efforts to produce 1good design and tried to analyse the reverse pattern which should help us all to recognise 2good design when we need to buy something.

In the 1970s I produced a film strip ‘What is good design’ aimed at the secondary schools to assist teachers in their understanding of design and how to promulgate its theory on to their children in class. It was bought by the NSW Dept. of Education, but I never heard of its promotion or use. That was my first publication based on my researches into design theory.

I have one copy of the filmstrip but unfortunately the Commentary has not been found. (Maybe I should re-write it ?)