2010 FONT Located at west end of church

A gift of money by Gladys Curtis to St David’s resulted in a commission to me to design a font. A shallow bowl with a puddle in the bottom was all that was needed and a glass craftsman at the School of Art was recommended to me and she cast the bowl which has a lovely translucent green tinge to it. Name ?

The base was very precisely made in stainless steel by a firm in Fyshwick with silicon bronze additions made by me in between the legs. The lettering around the rim of the bowl was cut out of silicon bronze sheet and glued on by a firm in Mitchell.

The font, unfortunately, is like a fish out of water in the west end of the church and the area needs a thorough review of its functions and the equipment which has been placed there – see page on the West End Recovery Attempt – which seemed to die with Neville in 2010.