1961 + SUNSET Bollards extracts from Sunset catalog

Bollards are simple devices to filter out vehicles from pedestrians, often linked by chains, but they also serve as casual seats so the form variations are quite limited. They are sculptural elements in the landscape and are better for being very simple.

In retrospect – or should it be In memoriam ?

Sometime in the late 1980’s Henry sold his business to another company and I discussed with Henry about the sale being conditional upon me continuing to be the designer of street furniture – in other words design had become an integral part of the business.

This did not happen and the new owner did not wish me to continue. Thus ended a good relationship of designer and manufacturer and almost certainly the value of the business had become reliant on its design quality as there was no equivalent street furniture business in the region or perhaps even in Australia.

Henry died after the sale but I never received any recognition from the new owner and my designs have ceased production, but there are lessons to be learned from the way designers are treated in company transactions.

New materials have appeared in street furniture – stainless steel and aluminium and even recycled plastic but often I feel the design quality leaves much to be desired.