1951 DOOR HANDLE TO CABIN Second house (OB 2a)

Basic form turned on a lathe, 300mm ø x ~ 60mm thick, then finger recesses carved, screwed to door. Hinged on left. Coachwood.

In 1952-4 I was living in my cabin just above the quarry while I built my OB2 house above during the long weekends I had from my lecturing job at the School of Architecture at the University of Technology, now at Kensington. I was able to use the woodworking department’s lathe in my spare moments.

The cabin was approximately 3m x 10m with a long window facing east and a lovely view of the DeeWhy Lagoon and coast. There was a long workbench with a good vice under the window, a small stove, dining table, clothes closet at the end with a suspended bed high on the end wall. I stored all my tools and bags of cement in the cabin.

I carried out my photogram and lissajous images experiments and wood carvings in the cabin at night during the weekends. A great bachelor’s life with a 4-day job and a 3-day weekend for building and my first car – a Morris Minor soft top.

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