The outside of the security door. The spiders love it!

Having moved into Unit 2/72 Shackleton Cct. I felt the need for a security door to the front entrance which was exquisitely sculptural using the bronze scrap that I had in my workshop.

I firstly made the steel frame which fitted beautifully and then set to work on making the 67 medallions of square silicon bronze with a ‘chattered’ texture made with a rotary grinding wheel. When brazing the screw fixing stud on the back with the oxy-acetylene torch in a carefully controlled circle the heat on the textured surface produces a beautiful aurora of colours which vary with the heat applied. Every one is different but the overall effect is magnificent – almost worthy of a Renaissance chancel backdrop to an altar with gold and rich colours. I really enjoyed making this and would hope to be given the time to make other expressions along the same lines – if I can stand up long enough in the workshop!