View of sculpture on table – 590 width x 920mm high. Central stainless steel rod support with silicon bronze central plaque with heat generated aura.

One of my more adventurous sculptures. It captures maximum space with minimum material and epitomises the radiating bifurcating sparks of a child’s sparkler. The central colour of the heat image in the background silicon bronze plaque also echoes the brilliant source of the sparkler’s visual emissions. I like it for its vivacity and its easy recognition by viewers.

When the spine is disturbed the radiating rods vibrate for a long time creating tintinnabulous sounds reminiscent of the sparks. Synesthesia.

A highly sensual piece – vision, explosive movement and sound, colour and texture.

1995-sparklerSide view . The bronze centrepiece shows its origin as part of a water cylinder.

I really like the vivacity of the spark endings and when they shimmer or vibrate they emit a gentle tinkling sound of a rather ephemeral nature.

The central image is created by roughing the surface with the grinding wheel and then holding the oxy-acetylene torch in the centre very steadily and watching the rings expand in their various heat colours from the centre.

It then has to be cooled, dried and clear lacquered before it can tarnish to retain its bright image

One of my favourite pieces but the very devil to keep the spider’s webs under control.  It’s a very evocative piece.