2015 MAWSON RETRO 21 Stage 2 pv array on workshop roof

Following the lack of real success of UV purification system (17) on the workshop roof I had it dismantled and gave the parts away to Dave Dwyer, Sun Plumbing, who had previously helped me with a loan of the sump pump – now surplus to requirements.

Stage 2 array on the workshop roof was installed by Solargain in July 2015 and as each panel has micro inverters attached to the back of each panel its output goes direct to the meter box, not the main inverter.

These are the state of the art, converting the DC output into AC which goes directly to the meter box.

While I paid $14/W for my original panels (2) seen on the left of the photo I only paid
$ 2.34/W for this array = 6 times lower in cost over 23 years. The original panels are still performing well.

The 19 Jan 2016 account which included the second array showed that we generated 6.2 times more than we consumed in Sept-Nov.2015 – a good win for the environment.