2015 MAWSON RETRO 23 Roof storm restraint

Roofing materials, tiles or metal decking are very susceptible to storm damage, being sucked off their fixings by upward suction rather than positive downward pressure from the wind and there is every indication that storms will become more severe due to global warming.

Even though the decking is screwed to the battens underneath the battens are often just nailed to the roof framing – the weakest points.

Cross bracing by high tensile fencing wire is particularly suitable for metal decked roofing as whole panels of decking can be lifted by wind.

The wires can be securely anchored at each of the four corners by expansion bolts fixed into the corner brickwork at the bottom where the weight of the external brickwork is strongest.

It is a relatively inexpensive method of safeguarding the weathertightness of the roof.