2009 LOW ENERGY AFFORDABLE HOUSING BOOK Self-published by author

The housing industry is probably the largest and most widespread industry in Australia.

However, its behaviour in the light of global warming and climate change it has taken little interest in the overwhelming need for change in residential house design.

It has concentrated on superficial changes in appearance, particularly when seen from the street but has not demonstrated any real changes toward more effective use of natural forces such as solar, wind, water conservation, geothermal heating or more effective house construction to save energy and reduce long term running costs. Black roofs are contra- indicated yet abound and it is rare to see effective orientation to maximise solar gain or roofs with photovoltaics installed at the point of sale.

This book attempts to make the case for a shake-up in residential housing design where the various energy saving technologies can be integrated as part of a rational house in which its occupants can live happy, warm and healthy lives.

It says a lot that the Housing Industry Association were not prepared to sell my books and I do not know of any builders having bought my books.