1985 POSTUREFLEX’ Adjustable mobility chair for children Prototype only

Full wheelchair position

Designed and made by me for a child with cerebral palsy as a TADACT project. The radial ‘knuckle’ joints were designed to give a full range, locking pivot with minimum effort by the carer and were cast in aluminium by Merit Engineering, Queanbeyan. I still have a sample joint in my workshop.

It was a neat one-off prototype but no firm was interested in putting it into production as the demand was quite low, promotional funding was just not available and I had too many other interests which demanded my attention – building the Burra house, Ben’s house, Disability Aids Collective and then low-energy retrofitting came along !




Fully reclining, adjustment at the hip position could provide head down or feet down positions as necessary – even standing position.  3 photos by Heide Smith, Canberra.



Three of the four adjustable joints used on the Postureflex chair, allowing for a very wide posture range to suit the many variables required by every child.


A 3-way adjustable joint. Any joint could be 1, 2, or 3 units, each giving a wide angle of firm adjustment at 2º intervals over 360º.