Gene Willsford, a member of the ACT Soroptimists Club of South Canberra, commissioned me to design and make the presidential insignia to be worn around the neck of the President on ceremonial occasions. It was made on a voluntary basis and I understand that all the papers and the insignia are now in the archives of the National Library in Canberra, although I gained no response when I wrote to enquire.

The metals were stainless steel tubing and silicon bronze, silver soldered in a form reminiscent of women with upraised arms forming a unified or integrated form having synergistic strength. I thought it turned out to be a very satisfying brooch-like form which sat in a very sympathetic way in the centre of the female bosom – its circular form being quite appropriate. It was about 100mm in diameter.

The inside of the small rings were enamelled royal blue. The engraved lettering was in Optima typeface by Paul Mlakar, Mitchell, ACT- a rather difficult job on the curve.

I really enjoyed making that piece – it was a satisfying sculpture.


As designed to be worn when the President presided at meetings.








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