View of sculpture on table – width 480mm x 160 high in centre.
Polished edges and ‘chattered’ rotary grinding stone texture

Made entirely of silicon bronze scrap from disused water cylinders. The main pieces are almost exactly the scrap as received but cleaned up around the edges. The ‘wings’ must have been the offcuts from a big, heavy walled tank.

I regard this as one of my most elegant pieces.

Its ultimate form has no significance whatsoever, being purely an exercise in using what I have in as elegant a way as possible – with just a bit of tweaking to turn accidental form into sculpture – but it requires the skilled aesthetic eye to achieve the full potential inherent in the raw material.

I still have some spare cylinders and bits of silicon bronze awaiting some inspiration and energy. I feel in retrospect that I should have spent more time on sculpture as I have received a tremendous amount of enjoyment from ‘composing’ beautiful forms and relationships with various pieces in my hands, pending that moment of realisation which says “that’s right”.

It’s a lovely feeling……


Currently at Mawson.