Design and production by Derek for TADACT Productions.
This illustration is from the 1997 Catalog which explains the semi-commercial set-up.

This design resulted from a request to TADACT by the Dept. of Customs and Excise whose staff were complaining of sore arms from holding up entry cards for perusal from people arriving in Australia.

This was passed over to TADACT Productions as it was unreasonable to expect volunteers to produce large quantities of products on a voluntary basis and at cost only. Eventually the catalog had 27 designs available on a batch production basis at very low non-profit cost which was able to satisfy the local need for these items. It was a very successful venture.

The Tadwriter became very popular but no TADACT volunteer was keen on taking it on so I set up my workshop to produce them.

Eventually over 500 had been produced by the time I retired in 1991 from TADACT and TADACT Productions but the stimulus was not there and it was discontinued.