2014 REFLECTOR – Goulburn, NSW

View of full array just after construction. A brick retaining wall is to be built this side of the columns with a flat walking top to make it easier for one person to adjust the panel angles (2 x yr). When built and landscaped it should integrate the reflector array into the house much more satisfactorily. The panels in the photo are not in operational mode.

This is the largest WinterSun array I have tackled. It is 20m long and unusually high. It is in an exposed position and special precautions had to be taken to ensure stability in high winds. In the above photo the panels are locked into the cross beams to ensure this. The furthest panel is in its vertical position.

As with the Chifley EcoSolar house the windows were proportioned to the reflector panels to obtain maximum effectiveness from the minimum reflector panels. High winds are experienced in this location so extra care was taken to lock the panels down. The panel angles could be operated by Linux actuators from inside but the cost was high and I felt the service from the supplier was rather poor and being out in the country I thought it too much of a risk.

This was Peter Cullerne’s last construction so I now have to find another constructor whom I can trust. However, at 91 this may well be the last one I will design – who knows. I should write a book about it so that the knowledge and know-how I have accumulated just doesn’t gather dust on the shelves. It has many advantages and future architects should be able to take advantage of its benefits.

I handed over the house design commission to Peter Overton of TT Architecture, Kingston so he is aware of the integration needed.