2015 PV ARRAY AND NEW ROOF – Yarraville, Vic.

Adam, (my eldest son) and his wife Linda live in an old (100 yo?) Yarraville house SW of Melbourne. Maxine and I offered them the money to install a PV system on their roof to help reduce their cost of living and help to save the environment from pollution from their brown coal electricity generators.

Their roof proved to be in a terrible state of repair and needed almost total replacement and had to be done first before installing PVs.

This was completed around October 2015 by Hoare….and PV panels were agreed at A, B, C, and ? at $7000. Maxine and we lent them the further $13,000 to replace the roofing.

New battens were needed in parts at extra $1100.

Solargain supplied the PVs.

Original state of roof now replaced with light coloured Colorbond.

adam-roof-2 adam-roof-3