Presented to Finnian at age 1+ in 1995

This chair was designed for Finnian (son of my son Ben and Sarah) to mark the occasion of his birth in 1993. I designed the chair as a historic family antique to carry on the tradition in Maxine’s family of having chairs for our grandchildren. Maxine’s father’s uncle made her chair in 1917 in Wales so we are the owners of both chairs, Finnian having handed it back for temporary keeping until he will have need of it.

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Finn’s chair was made in Blackwood by Mac West, a graduate of the Furniture Workshop in the ANU Art School. Mac made a superb job in crafting the chair and inscribing Finnian’s initials and date of birth on the upper back rail. It cost $1700 around 1994. Mac succumbed to depression around 2000. A nicer bloke you couldn’t imagine.