2014 COFFEE TABLE V2 FOR THE BANKSIA GALLERY Based on presentation table V1 1961

View of table in Carl’s house during a visit in 2014

This coffee table was designed at the request of Carl Fischer, who lives in Inverloch, Victoria.

As it was requested by the Banksia Gallery, Victoria, it was asked that it be made in Banksia wood– from some scantlings of timber the gallery possessed – not a timber that I have used before. The table was first designed by me to present to Fred Ward on his retirement from ANU in 1961 (V11 now in the possession of Martin Ward).

The second version (V2 above) is very slightly modified around the lower leg joint with the larger stretcher rails to give a smoother junction – it looks better. This is iterative design, practiced intensively by us all in the ANU Design Unit where a good design of a previous model is refined to a higher pitch of perfection based on perception over time.

An attribution plaque has been placed under the table top at the front.