1957 ANU ANNUAL REPORT My first ANU graphics project

The ANU Accountant asked me to design a complete set of stationery and these are three items of the complete system. (too many to show here).

This was one of my first graphic jobs which enlarged my scope of introducing design into the many areas of functional aesthetics in a university. A humble beginning but it aroused the ire of the Central Store Purchasing Officer who felt I was intruding on her preserve.

Future demands on our graphic service soon showed that there was a need for appropriate functional / aesthetic approach and eventually gaphic design required its own professional staff, within the ANU Design Unit and later it was hived off (somebody thought that ANUDU was becoming too large). David Walker was the first, and Adrian Young followed – but the integrated nature of design within a corporate body was diluted – management !

1957-anu-cheques0001 1957-anu-cheques-2