2003 RIDGE VENT Buoyancy summer ventilation and daylighting

Following the successful construction of the WinterSun reflector I designed a mezzanine to take advantage of the full height ‘cathedral’ ceiling with its special staircase to provide an extra sleeping space. Integral with this was the installation of a buoyancy ventilation system consisting of 3 closable ceiling vents in the mezzanine ceiling coupled to the permanently open slit ridge vent 6m long which enables the collected hot air in the living room to escape upwards to the atmosphere on summer evenings, cooling the house structure all night ready for another hot day.

The almost invisible ridge vent is full length and ventilates the whole 2-bedroom house without need for fans or any refrigerative air conditioning system – it is a very effective natural, noiseless system forgotten by today’s builders.


See also 2002 page which describes the WinterSun reflector system.