2011 REFLECTOR – Blue Mountains, NSW

Reflected image shows overlaps to accommodate morning and afternoon sun positions. The reflector needs more curvature to suit the bottom of the window.

The homeowners wanted a reflector to provide sunlight and warmth in their south facing bedroom .

This model had to be transported from Wamboin to the Blue Mountains for erection by the homeowners’s builder – not an easy project because of distance, unknown builder and a different solar zone – more frosts etc.

I experimented with a central beam model with a curved sheet mechanism to give an adjustable curvature which seemed to work well, except that the outer screwheads sheared off from the lower temperature contractions of the reflector – possibly due to inadequate size of holes in the reflector sheet. This was corrected by a friend of theirs.

Also because of the inexpert assemblers one hole was slightly misplaced near the pivots and the assemblers put it in the wrong way so a small corrective box in S/S was made here and posted up – the last I have heard of it. Poor communications were a great problem. Distance projects should not be repeated unless the constructor is familiar with the structure.


Showing restraining straps and turnbuckles to achieve curvature of the reflector to adjust the solar reflection to the window dimensions. This has not been done. The curvature can be seen at the RH edge of the reflector panel. The curvature concept has proved its worth in increasing the virtual height of the reflected image and significantly reduced the actual weight and cost of the panels. We learn by doing.