2013 Reflector & EcoSolar house – Chifley

WinterSun reflectors on south side with reflection on coordinated windows. (Taken during construction)

The EcoSolar house concept was requested by the homeowner with me as EcoSolar consultant. Some concepts were not as I would have wished and compromises were made.

Thermal behaviour results could not be adequately undertaken because of various factors so I am not aware of its comparative effectiveness. However, we did manage to integrate most of the EcoSolar concepts :

WinterSun southern reflectors (photo above) with wires for clothes drying.
InterSun internal clerestory reflectors with buoyancy ventilation
BioPCM above ceiling phase change thermal storage (in lieu of mass)
Coolaroo sunshading on north + deciduous vine.
Greywater recycling for non-potable purposes.
Concrete block internal walls + externally insulated external walls
External water tank on west face.
Potential conservatory / convective ‘greenhouse’ heating
Photovoltaic distributive generation 4kW with heat pump water / space heating / cooling
This is the first and so far, the only EcoSolar house to be attempted. Also some missing photos.