2012 Rooflight – Cook

The homeowner asked me to see if I could find a way of providing more daylight and better ventilation and cooling in their upper floor study.

The solution was a sliding Makrolon ceiling light in the study (light and ventilation), a heavy cardboard lining (free, from Nico) to the roof space painted white (increased light reflection), insertion of about 10 glass roof tiles (daylight), and a fixed louvred panel for permanent roof space ventilation (can just be seen above the LH ceiling light in the roof space). A hinged panel under the glass roof tiles enables the hot sunlight to be controlled in summer (by cord control near the olive green wall in background).

Functionally good but too much see-through in the Makrolon – needs a diffuser panel or preferably a translucent milky-white Makrolon – if made?

Very successful solution.