1953 Prototype chair for home use – 13 Burne Avenue, DeeWhy

The 1950s was a prolific era for the innovation of fresh thinking in architecture and furniture and many people tried their hand at designing furniture for their own use – especially architects who needed good furniture for a new architecture.

This chair was only one of a group of items I made at DeeWhy OB2 in the early 1950s.

The large glass window behind the anglepoise lamp was an unframed sheet of plate glass approx. 3m wide x 2m high, its bottom edge being fixed into a Cowdroy ball bearing track which enabled the window to be slid across to open up the living room to the village of DeeWhy and the view of the DeeWhy Lagoon and the coast – it was a fabulous view.

Hilary and I lived there until January 1957 when we moved to the ANU in Canberra.

The house was sold to John Laws the 2UE radio commentator for £7600.