1957 ANU ANNUAL REPORT My first ANU graphics project

This was my first graphic design project soon after I had joined Fred in the ANU Design Unit in late 1957 encouraged by Ross Hohnen, ANU Registrar and Fred Ward.

Printed letterpress by Bill Papp, Patria Printers, Woolley St. Dickson, with whom I developed a good business relationship. He was very sympathetic to what we were doing at the ANUDU and I learned a lot from him.

I had previously done an evening typesetting course at Sydney Technical College to learn how to set lead type in a stick (the old fashioned way!). It was soon to give way to offset printing and I had to persuade Bill to adopt it as a more economical and healthier way of doing graphic work. He did change in the late 1960s – it was a huge technological change and all printers eventually changed over.

The background image was, I think, an electron microscope image of something from the research schools.  The grey colour at the top was the overall colour – the pink tinge was induced by the tungsten lights used in the photography.